The Identifying Marks


We do not have to be in any doubt whatsoever as to who or what the Antichrist and the Beast of Revelation are. The two main prophetic books of the Bible, Daniel and Revelation, make it absolutely clear.

The Antichrist cannot be Antiochus Epiphanes, it cannot be Islam or any of the many other theories and opinions that we read about. Why? Because the Bible gives at least 20 specific marks to identify this power - this Beast power has to match all of them, not just one or two, but all.

So now we will examine in detail each of the 20 specific identifying marks given by the Bible.

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The Antichrist / Beast power...

1. Would come out of the Roman Empire / Western Europe
2. Would rise out of the sea
3. Would be a composite of the four beasts of Daniel 7
4. Eeradicated three other kingdoms when it rose to power
5. Receives its power and authority from the Dragon
6. Will speak great things and blasphemies, claiming to be God
7. Would persecute and overcome the saints
8. Would reign for 42 prophetic months (1260 literal years)
9. Would receive a deadly wound
10. Deadly wound will be healed
11. Would become a strong political power
12. Would become a very powerful religious power
13. Would be different than previous kingdoms (a combination of Church & State)
14. Will be worshipped by the whole world
15. Calls itself the Mother Church
16. Has the mysterious number 666
17. Sits on seven hills
18. Is clothed in purple and scarlet and adorned with gold and jewels
19. Practices celibacy
20. Would think to change times and laws

We have seen beyond question who the Beast/Antichrist is. If you still think it is someone or something else then they or it must match all of the identifying marks according to the word of God.

The Papacy matches all 20 identification marks perfectly. The beast with the "mark" is the Papacy. No other power in history could possibly fit these divine descriptive marks. Not just one or two isolated marks, but at least 20 when correctly interpreting the Bible. The Bible will always interpret itself.

No other power can claim to match so clearly the beast power as does Papal Rome.


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