Can The Beast Be Identified?


What if a person appeared on the world stage and proclaimed...

• to be God
• to be Jesus Christ in the flesh
• to be sinless
• to be infallible
• to be above the Bible
• to be able to forgive sins
• to have all authority in heaven, earth and hell
• that salvation is only through him
• that anyone who rejects him will go to hell
• that the rulers of the earth should submit to his authority

Would you conclude that this person is the Antichrist?

Well for over 1,500 years the Roman Catholic Popes have sat in the temple of God and declared all of these things about themselves. The Bible, the early Protestants and Reformers, and many who study God’s word today, clearly identify this beast power as the Roman Catholic Papacy and the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church.

But how can we know if this conclusion is correct? Well the Bible details a number of very specific marks that identify the Beast, or Antichrist. In this study we will examine each of these marks, to see which power clearly fits all of the identifying marks. Each of these marks could easily be a study in its own right, but if you would like more information then we have a series of video presentations available which will help to make these points clear and give you the foundation for the amazing prophecies of the Biblical books of Daniel and Revelation – you can find the video presentations at:

Daniel & Revelation Video Presentations

In revealing who or what the beast is and what its mark is, we must address some very sensitive issues, we must be prepared to be specific. However, in harmony with God's word we would stress here that we are not condemning anyone, we are not talking about any individual, we are not talking about the many sincere people of this system that love and fear God, because God has His faithful people in every denomination, but rather it is the system itself that we are referring to.


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